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Bleeding Civilization

by Poppy Seed Grinder

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    Poppy Seed Grinder new CD released August 12, 2016 by Amputated Vein Records.

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forced to live forced to fight forced to die nonhumans nonanimals just machines solar flare sustain life humans machines stop conquer all to serve the master welcome to modern age the decline and fall of the human race the uninhabitable earth host refuses cooperate no problém to devastate it we destroyed everything yes destroyed and finished masterpiece it was purpose dark world of murder and survival forced to life and forced to fight still ongoing never ending dominant class of animals apocalyptic wars between humans and greed lords drink champagne this is glory, this is victory extintion is forever bleak existence a rouge planet forced to die huge disasters
the last world war obscured the world air was turned into poison stench of rotting bodies and groans of the dying killing and burning violence and firing persecution executions Mathers over dead children crying knowing there is no more future humans are dead after last world war no one left dead no one survived after last world war last war world war last war last world war after the rain of nuclear bombs no more human race is here and the rest? radiation took care of them all
Variety X 03:25
revolution outbreak of violence revolution against what has come biologically altered humans strike means survive monstrous mutants living proof of disaster bloody streets bloody days modern war began revolution variety x – result of unsavory experiments variety x – hungry reanimated corpses variety x – attempting to find a cure variety x – humans are dead outbreak of violnece revolution Against what has come Biologically altered humans Strike means survive outbreak of violnece revolution against what has come biologically altered humans strike means survive
the delusion is so extreme that supreme court of justice and politicians claims that god is what you need to get in to your fucking head to be a good person and to have the correct path because without god's grace you're only human waste hiding behind words of god hypocritically preach about what is right hiding behind words of god enjoying deadly sins for delight without any shame solid portion of mental enema pot calling the kettle black civilization is drowning in cesspit of demagoguery until the end until the end of time i tell you what keeps my hope for peace killing are masses following false preaching of hypocrites
you’re standing in front of a wall it’s tall, long and thick but behind it there’s what you want you fall on your knees, tears in your eyes desperation falling onto you what now, you gotta die here this is a test haven is the fear this is a test you have to fight. going through that’s what you have to do only your self will stop you you make your weak points so stop stop it you’re strong don’t give up it’s easier to pity yourself you can wait for a miracle but never comes the truth is without fight there’s no victory
Blindead 02:53
blinded by fear and false dreams you follow the herd on the way to your doom you are following the herd blind religion infiltrated into your family into your nation in your world in your mind into your world into your mind liberal mind is an enormous crime you were trapped into captivity of delusions thousands of forbidden questions against common sense fictions everything seems to be right despising the human nature despising the human being spreading lies about your being
the world of our ancestors world where we live it was so nice place to co-exist but when you look at it with sober eyes that view is not is not really nice greenwashing corporations supranational monsters new bloody contracts with disastrous consequences unstoppable killing process contamination of the planet rises thermal disposal of wastes hazardous substances in the air poisoned rain destroying lands and oceans disfigured face of the earth radioactively contaminated soil toxins leaking from repositories deliberate extermination castration of Mother Nature mutagenic bioaccumulation synthetic eutrophication teratogenic mutilation disfigured face of the earth the world of our ancestors world where we live it was so nice place to co-exist this is the result of our apathy comfort exchanged for responsibility
fear of illness fear of failure fear of unknown fear of evil fear of loneliness fear of people fear of death reign of fear all the fears occupying your mind distorting perception of your reality the feeling deep inside you hidden in the subconscious you can not recognize what the true fear truly is or not i see it in your eyes never ending deep despair living in your own hell of controlled manipulation you will never realize how much you are deprived living in your little cage slavishly styled life reign of fear reign of fear reign of fear you succumbed to your fears never became truly free reconciled with the theft of your own liberty
ethnic cleaners filicidal bloodthirsty genocidal megalomaniacal welcome the human kind prime objective filling the navel hypnotized by song of greed blind age of indoctrination No filter of human needs for the world of mental bliss blind age of indoctrination illusion of free will omnipresent brainwashing to keep common people quiet truth becomes a lie in your mind world soaked in blood of the slaughtered in the name of go(o)d full of human sheep to keep never ending wars terrorism and corruption is getting worse terrorism and corruption dominates our world omnipresent brainwashing they caught you in childhood Lies become truth in your eyes i see bleeding civilization shameful exploitation blind age of indoctrination


After a long wait Poppy Seed Grinder returns with new full length album "Bleeding Civilization". With 10 tracks of energetic brutal death metal enriched by hardcore and grindcore influences, PSG are more than ready to show you where the world is heading to, with plenty of room for headbanging and all the way to the point where the adrenaline's pumping and the blood's boiling. The chainsaw guitars, edgy all-destroying bass, lethal battery of blasting drums and brutal phrased vocals will definitely get you moving! Must have for fans of DYING FETUS, MISERY INDEX and DECAPITATED.


released August 12, 2016


all rights reserved



POPPY SEED GRINDER Hlavní město Praha, Czech Republic

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